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I. General Manager Assistant
1. Bachelor's degree or above, English level 6 or above, and simple business English communication.
2. More than three years of working experience, chief assistant experience is preferred.
3. good temperament, cheerful personality, good communication and coordination skills.
4. have the ability to solve complex problems, good work progress ideas and strong execution.
5. good at learning, more comprehensive knowledge structure, able to withstand greater work pressure.
6. skilled in the use of common office software (Word / Excel / PPT), with a certain level of writing skills.
7. Short-term travel is acceptable.
(Work location: Suzhou)

2. the HVAC engineer / electrical and mechanical engineer
1. education requirements: tertiary, require a stable personality, work actively and responsibly.
2. More than three years of experience in central air conditioning installation and clean room or E&M field construction, skilled in CAD drawing.
3. familiar with plumbing and electrical installation, HVAC, and can coordinate well with the relationship between owners and subcontractors.
4. Experience in HVAC, purification, E&M engineering quotation or design is desirable.
5. Able to accept expatriate assignment.
(Work location: Xiamen, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chengdu)

3.maintenance workers 5
1.Secondary school education or above, preferably refrigeration and electrical engineering related professional.
2. Have experience in repairing and maintaining clean room central air-conditioning units in electrical and mechanical engineering.
3. have an electrician's induction card, have a driver's license to adapt to the company's expatriate priority.
4. 3 years of working experience.
(Work location: Suzhou, Wuxi, Chengdu)

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